WATCH: Craig Kelly calls for AEC boss to RESIGN after court loss

Former MP accuses the Australian Electoral Commission of malicious prosecution and 'vexatious' legal action over his campaign poster's font size.

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Former MP Craig Kelly has called for the resignation of Australia's Electoral Commissioner after what he referred to as "malicious and vexatious prosecution".

He condemned the conduct of the AEC, asserting that their case against him over the font size of an authorisation was absurd and unprecedented.

According to Craig, the AEC's case was launched on election eve, with a phone call from UAP boss Clive Palmer notifying him of legal action he claims was aimed at stopping him from campaigning the next day.

Craig originally dismissed the call as a joke but later realised the gravity of the situation.

The case, centred around the legibility of an eight-point font size, sought an interim order that would have prevented Kelly from campaigning on Election Day.

"It's something you would expect in a banana republic," Kelly remarked, reflecting on the urgency of having to go around his election booths to look for signs with the supposedly small font size.

The judges threw the case out with costs, but the AEC continued to pursue the matter.

Craig says he faced potential fines of $100,000 or even half a million dollars, battling a government legal team of ten over a mere font size issue.

He contrasted his situation with an incident where a woman assaulted him with an egg, receiving only a $300 fine, highlighting the disproportionality of the AEC's case.

In his decision, the judge was scathing of the AEC's conduct, describing it as "unjustifiable and unreasonable." Craig emphasised that the AEC had never prosecuted anyone in this manner before, and he provided examples that the font size of other political figures was almost identical.

He also accused the AEC of attacking one side of politics on an ideological basis, ultimately calling for AEC boss, Tom Rogers, to resign. Craig believes that his allowance of this case has "significantly damaged the AEC's reputation" and necessitates his stepping down.

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