Daniel Andrews FINED for breaking his own mask mandate

$400 for being caught out on two seperate occasions

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Victoria Police have issued Premier Daniel Andrews two fines of $200 each for breaching his mask mandate on two separate occasions.

On Thursday, a video of Andrews walking to Parliament without a face covering went viral online.

Rebel News contacted the Premier and Victoria police for comment Thursday evening.

Andrews never responded until more than twelve hours later when the mainstream media picked up the story.

Victoria Police responded to the media request last night saying:

Thank you for sending in your enquiry.

Victoria Police has no comment to make.

A day later, after another image of the Premier breaking his mask mandate on Tuesday, Andrews finally made a statement.

"I am aware that as I approached two press conferences at the back of Parliament House this week I removed my mask after leaving the car, before I walked to the back doors.

I expect Victoria Police to assess this and if they choose to issue a fine, of course I will pay it.

If they do not issue a fine I will donate the same value to a charity working to support people in this pandemic because whilst this was an oversight, oversights matter - everyone needs to follow the rules and I am sorry it occurred."

Andrews has previously demonised anyone failing to comply with his harsh mask mandate fully.

In response to his failure to comply with his own mandate, the hashtag #SuperSpreaderDan has been trending number one on Twitter for most of Friday.

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