Deeming's soaring popularity shows Pesutto's disastrous miscalculation

Formerly ousted from the party room, Deeming becomes a sought-after speaker at the Liberal Party's local events as conservative voters search for real leadership.

Deeming's soaring popularity shows Pesutto's disastrous miscalculation
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Expelled MP Moira Deeming is becoming hot property on the Liberal Party’s speaking circuit.

The woman kicked out of the party room by leader John Pesutto has been named guest speaker at the party’s Frankston State Electorate Conference general meeting this week.

The appearance comes after giving an online interview, alongside NSW dissident Liberal Matthew Camenzuli, to party faithful.

Camenzuli took former prime minister Scott Morrison to court over Liberal preselections before the 2019 federal election.

Frankston SEC chairman Trevor Stewart said there was “considerable interest” from Liberal members around Deeming’s appearance.

Stewart said he would not be surprised if the Deeming event was a full house.

Deeming has been spotted at numerous Liberal events since being kicked out of the party room over her appearance at a women’s right’s event outside Parliament earlier this year.

She said local Liberal office holders risked upsetting the party’s state hierarchy for inviting her to speak.

“It comes at a cost to them, and I’m grateful to those people, that they’re willing to pay that cost,” she said.

A spokesman for Pesutto said the approval, or otherwise, of guest speakers at local events was a matter for the party organisation rather than for the leader.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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