“Digital vaccine card” in the works for Manitobans

“Digital vaccine card” in the works for Manitobans
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Manitoba’s chief public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin stated in a press conference today that the province is working an COVID-19 vaccine “identifier” for individuals, but claims that “no decision has been made” on using these vaccine passports to bar unvaccinated people from services and events.

Referring to a “digital vaccine card”, Roussin went on to say that the utility of the identification is “yet to be determined”:

“There's a couple of things... there is a vaccine, a digital vaccine card, or identifier that's in the works, so Manitobans are going to have the availability to prove their vaccine status, how that's utilized within Manitoba, that's something yet to be determined. But we wanted to ensure that Manitobans had that ability to prove their vaccine status, just because we can't control what other jurisdictions do... so we wanted to ensure Manitobans had that ability.

When pressed on the issue, Roussin did not outright deny the possibility of using vaccine passports to limit services and events to only people with their COVID shots.

“If we get as many Manitobans vaccinated, fully vaccinated as soon as possible, then we don't necessarily have to concern ourselves with this type of vaccine passport idea,” stated the province's top doctor. 

“Right now we're focused on the numbers that we have now, bringing them down, focused on getting as many Manitobans vaccinated as possible.”

“As far as the specifics of how we could utilize, or if we wanted to utilize an actual vaccine passport... that's still a bigger issue, and no decision has been made on that.”

The Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Montreal Canadiens for the city's first vaccine passport event just under two weeks ago.

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