Discussing shocking scenes at US southern border with Rebel reporter Katie Daviscourt

'We went to a Covid migrant hotel, and we got the worker admitting to us that they are having illegal immigrants with Covid at their hotels and then releasing them back into the public,' said Katie Daviscourt.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by Rebel reporter Katie Davsicourt to discuss the shocking situation unfolding at the US southern border.

Katie has been covering the border crisis from El Paso, Texas, and has highlighted the inhumane conditions that the migrants are forced to endure due to the Biden administration's seemingly open border policies which have empowered cartels.

As stated by David, "And Katie, I find this outrageous because at the crux of the matter is: who are these people? We don't know if they're criminals, if they're terrorists, if they're carrying any kind of communicable disease."

"It's like on face value, 'Oh these are just people that don't want to get in line. Who are we to say stand in line? Come on in!' I mean, this is an outrageous dereliction of duty Katie," David added.

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