Disturbing pro-Hamas rally takes place at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

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“H” is for Hogtown and “H” is for hypocrisy… at least when it comes to Nathan Phillips Square, home of Toronto City Hall.

The town square should be a place for freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

But Toronto’s spineless mayor, John Tory, picks and chooses which groups, and which journalists, can make use of the square.

Anti-lockdown protesters are forbidden from visiting this piece of asphalt.

But if you are part of a bunch of thugs known as Afro-Indigenous Rising, you are welcome to camp out on the square for three weeks while breaking 11 sections of the Trespass Act. Which is what they did last summer.

But we know from bitter experience that the security guards at city hall only like to enforce trespass charges if members of the media (in other words, Rebel News) dare to report on an illegal occupation.

You see, that might “trigger” the thugs and we can’t have that because these scholars tend to get violent.

Well, a different set of hooligans descended upon Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday evening for several hours.

The streets around the square were turned into parking lots by illegally parked cars — and gracious, not a meter maid in sight!

Some illegally climbed the square’s arches. Many spewed anti-Semitic hatred and some even physically assaulted Jews who had the temerity to display the flag of Israel.

The city hall security guards, the Toronto police, Mayor Tory and the mayor’s communications guru/chief spy Bruce Hawkins (He/Him) all apparently had no problem with this gathering.

The question arises: why?

Why the double standard when it comes to different protests?

We waded into this hate-fest targeting Israel and Jews to seek answers from security guards and police officers.

And par for the course, the only answers forthcoming were variations of “no comment.”

Then again, how could anyone justify such odious hypocrisy?

Maybe it boils down to this: peaceful anti-lockdown protesters are verboten because they are protesting the policies of various governments based in Canada; the pro-Hamas demonstrators are essentially protesting a foreign government.

And in that case, apparently anything goes. Even hate speech amongst other criminal activity.

And did the mayor or the premier or the prime minister condemn these protesters as, being, say, “a bunch of yahoos” for their complete disregard for social distancing? Because Middle East tensions aside, I think we’re still in a pandemic, aren’t we?

Of course not. For the likes of Mayor Tory, Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau, what happened in Toronto last Saturday night was presumably another “diversity is our strength” moment.

Besides., much like the violence-prone Afro-Indigenous Rising hooligans, you don’t want to “trigger” these particular “Pals” either…

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  • By Ezra Levant


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