WE WON! Police forced to WITHDRAW 'revenge' Covid fine today

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NSW Police have officially withdrawn their fine against single mother, DJ Barker. 

The young mother was wrongly arrested and searched by the police in front of her young children for not wearing a mask.

Minutes later, the police officer apologised.

However, the next day he tracked her down at family members home and hit her with a fine.

Fight The Fines lawyer, Mani Shishineh told Rebel News:

"What this highlights to me, a real urgency for police in NSW and in fact, other jurisdictions to roll out an extensive education program for their officers. Not only in respect of the Public Health Laws but in respect to Common Law and The Australian Commonwealth Constitution."

If you want to do something positive, help us crowdfund the legal bill for DJ's case and others facing similar outrageous fines.

Please click here, or go to www.FightTheFines.com.au and help us crowdfund as much as possible. The more we raise, the more Aussies we can help.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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