Do people in Amsterdam support the Dutch Farmers Rebellion?

'The governments have been infiltrated,' was the way one man in the city's centre described the situation.

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Do the Dutch people support the farmers protesting against radical climate policies? Katie Daviscourt, a reporter from the Post Millennial, is working alongside our Rebel News team covering the Farmer Rebellion, and she wanted to find out the answer to that very important question.

Taking to the streets of Amsterdam, Daviscourt interviewed the locals to hear their thoughts on the ongoing farmer protests happening across the country.

“I respect them, because we need a lot of products from them,” one man said, highlighting the importance of the food that is produced by farmers. Agreeing that the government's nitrogen reduction policies have gone too far, the man told Daviscourt that “that's why I'm behind the farmers, because I see a lot of farmers are trying to do their best for everything, to help us. And the government here is not doing anything about it.”

“The governments have been infiltrated, it looks like” another man in the town square said.

One woman that Daviscourt spoke to believed that people should fight back when something is being taken away — in this case, the livelihood of the Dutch farmers. The woman, who was from neighbouring Germany, said that if similar climate initiatives came to her country she would fight back: “I don't know about the rest of the people, but I would.”

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  • By Ezra Levant


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