“Do you like my socks?” Trudeau's embarrassing meeting with former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull

Canadians are no strangers to their prime minister making a mockery of his country and himself on the global stage. Whether it's in India or Europe, Justin Trudeau manages to always be the centre of attention, but not in the way he might think.

In an autobiography released by Malcolm Turnbull, the former Prime Minister of Australia, the former head of government says Trudeau embarrassed every dignitary present at a Trans Pacific partnership meeting which Trudeau snubbed.

Following that meeting Trudeau arrived to a one-on-one with Turnbull, and started the meeting by crossing his legs in the feminine fashion he's known for and asking his fellow prime minister if he “liked his socks.” Turnbull, someone with self-awareness, told Trudeau that they weren't there “to talk about his socks.”