Doctors provide insight on the case against Dr. Bonnie Henry's two-year vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

The counsel for the group of doctors bringing the case used public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry’s contradictory statements to argue the reason for the mandate's termination.

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Does British Columbia's public health officer have a death wish for its citizens? Some healthcare workers, weary of her COVID vaccine mandate amid a healthcare staffing crisis, believe so.

In November 2021, Dr. Henry mandated thousands of healthy, willing, and able healthcare workers who did not comply with her coercive 'no jab, no pay' order to be forbidden from working in certain healthcare settings.

Despite being one of the few jurisdictions worldwide with such a mandate, a group of BC doctors with the Canadian Society for Ethics & Medicine has had to resort to spearheading a judicial review in the Supreme Court to try and quash the order.

"Thousands of British Columbian healthcare workers, the best in their field, have lost their jobs, and many more have taken early retirement," Dr. York Hsiang told Rebel News in front of the Vancouver Supreme Courthouse yesterday.

Hsiang, a former vascular surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, is among the unknown number of BC professionals who chose early retirement to avoid the coercive vaccine mandate. Hsiang is also one of three petitioners listed on the petition for this case.

Visit the full report to hear more from Hsiang, family doctor Khai Phan, and a psychiatric nurse about their perspectives on day 1 of what is expected to be a 10-day hearing.

Justice Simon Coval is presiding over the matter. Click here to read live updates on some of his statements while listening to submissions from counsel for the CSSEM, Peter Gall, during today's proceedings.

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