Drag queen content is being shown at a school without parental consent

Charles Gaudreault, father of three children, recently discovered that the school board allowed his five-year-old daughter to watch videos of a drag queen in class, without asking for parental consent.

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A school in the Quebec area is using a video of Drag Queen Barbada in class without previously asking for parental agreement.

This new polarizing subject has entered society, story time with drag queens and/or drag queen content.  School boards in partnership with the various governments want to expose children to drags so that they become more inclusive, tolerant and have greater acceptability of differences.

Drag queens are not new, quite the contrary. Drag performances originated in the early 20th century and had no connection to the LGBTQ+ community we know today. It is in the theater that the term "drag" would have emerged, since the woman was not allowed to perform, the man had to dress as a woman so that the theatrical production did not suffer.

Over the following decades, drag became increasingly associated with the LGBT community. Around the 1930s, gay bars and nightclubs began to put on drag shows to entertain clients. These shows were often parodies of mainstream culture and included exaggerated female characters and burlesque shows.

The LGBTQ+ community has appropriated this performance over time. It is not about a gender or a sexual orientation, it is simply a man who caricatures himself as a woman in an exaggerated way whose performances are known to be daring, even sexual.

In recent years, the deconstruction of gender identity has gained a lot of ground. Deconstructing gender identity is a concept that challenges the strict social norms that dictate how individuals should behave and identify based on their gender assigned at birth. Now allowing people to show themselves as what they want.

Now, we are entering a more terrifying phase, the deconstruction of sexual identity. This means to question the sex said to “assign” and not record, at birth.

Drag queens are becoming this vector of information of gender ideology and sexual identity which offers a distorted vision to children, that they can not only change sex if they do not feel in harmony with it but that they can also be whatever they want to be.

All this leaves room for a broad interpretation leaving deviance settling in society and leaving vulnerable people in search of acceptability to make drastic changes in order to gain notoriety.

Charles Gaudreault, father of 3 children, recently discovered that the school board allowed his 5-year-old daughter to watch videos of Drag Queen Barbada in class, without asking for parental consent.  

After he learned about it, he tried to inform other parents about the situation. The only answer he received was from a groomer parent telling him to go away.

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