Dutch farmers speak out at press conference in Eerbeek: 'we want to turn our government back to reality'

Rebel News continues to be on the ground in the Netherlands covering the nationwide farmer protests.

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"If our demands aren't met by the government? I cannot predict," a woman told Rebel News reporter Lewis Brackpool at a press conference in Eerbeek hosted by Dutch farmers protesting Prime Minister Mark Rutte's punishing nitrogen restrictions.

Rebel News reporters are in Holland covering the mass, nationwide protests against new restrictions of nitrogen use in fertilizers and nitrogen emissions from animal agriculture that could see farmers be forced to relinquish land and cull livestock to meet targets set by Rutte.

Protests against the green scheme began 3 years ago and have reignited in recent weeks, with thousands of farmers blocking legislatures, highways, and airports and forming convoys in cities all across the Netherlands.

"I think the nature can survive our farming because it has been surviving our farming for centuries..it has nothing to do with reality. The reality is fine. The nature is fine. The farming is fine. So we want to turn our government back to reality."

Though there were mainstream reporters at the Eerbeek press conference, the bulk if the questions fielded by the farmers came from Rebel News reporters Lincoln Jay and Lewis Brackpool, as well as The Post Millennial's Katie Daviscourt, who is working alongside the Rebel team.

To see all of their coverage from within the farmers' protests in Holland to support their independent, exclusive journalism, please visit www.FarmerRebellion.com

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