Eight-year-old child with sensory issues excluded from school over masking

The Phairs did everything by the book to ensure their daughter, who has sensory issues and cannot have anything on her face, did not miss out on school.

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Kids only get one childhood. This may seem like a self-evident sentiment, but it is apparently one that politicians, health-bureaucrats and schools boards alike have forgotten.

As though it wasn’t bad enough that students have missed tons of class time and extracurricular activities, and a great deal of the associated socialization that comes with it, but when they are permitted to gather, they are distanced and masked in a way that will undoubtedly have an impact on their development. All of this is made so much worse by the fact that youth have such minimal adverse outcomes if and when they do get sick with Covid-19.

Dan Phair reached out to us because his eight-year-old daughter has been excluded from her in school education entirely because she is unable to wear a mask. The Phairs did everything by the book to ensure their daughter, who has sensory issues and cannot have anything on her face, did not miss out on school. They had a doctor’s note outlining their daughter’s medical exemption and managed to get through 2021 without issue, but when 2022 rolled around the school insisted that the 2021 doctor’s note was no longer valid and that a new note had to be acquired.

Unfortunately, Alberta Health Services has created an environment of fear for doctors. The doctor who had no problem confirming this little girl’s challenges and issuing a medical exemption merely months ago is now reluctant to do so, for fear that her career may be in jeopardy. The family and their doctor are working on pediatric verification of the issues so that a new exemption can be drafted.

It seems apparent that the existing concerns for this child that were present in 2021 and confirmed by a doctor would not be expected to resolve themselves over the Christmas break, and yet the school has denied this girl access to school until a new exemption has been issued. The family has been vigilantly working with their doctor to have the medical note renewed and are currently awaiting a pediatric appointment, but that is now weeks away, and while adults play Covid-19 policy politics, this girl is missing out on the schooling she loves.

Given the already existing exemption that was dated for 2021, and the easily observable issue the student experiences with having her face covered, it would seem evident to many that ensuring the child's education is not interrupted while the family works with doctors to confirm would be the most appropriate course of action. We joined the Phairs to discuss their story.

We reached out to the school for comment, but we did not receive a reply.

This is just one of thousands of heart-breaking stories that unscientific mask and vaccine mandates have created, which is why we are legally challenging these unjust systems. If you want to donate to these efforts, you can do so at FightVaccinePassports.com. You contribution will go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will be both standing for freedom and receiving a tax receipt.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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