Energy Minister's comms director shows how Liberals still admire China

As Ezra Levant explains, Sabrina Kim's feed on X (formerly Twitter) reveals how the Trudeau Liberals still, eight years later, have an admiration for the Chinese Communist Party's basic dictatorship.

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As I was tweeting live updates from the Lethbridge Court House on Wednesday, where the two remaining 'Coutts 4' men were making a pre-trial appearance, something popped up on my screen showing me that I'm being followed on X by someone named Sabrina Kim. Her biography says she is the director of communications for federal Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson.

I'm delighted she's following me, I don't want her to stop because I talk about energy a lot. I've even written a few books about it, Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands and Groundswell: The Case for Fracking.

I care about energy not just because I use it but because Canada is a great producer of it. Alberta in particular, and Saskatchewan too, and even other parts: British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. I hate the war on oil and gas because I think it's a war on prosperity, a war on our standard of living, a war against the poor.

I think it's an ideological war, and every barrel of oil that is not produced in Alberta is one more barrel of oil that's produced and sold by dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Russia. That's why I called the book Ethical Oil, as opposed to OPEC conflict oil.

Now, that's just some background. Back to Minister Wilkinson's communications director.

The rest of her biography mentions her "feed" — that is, the things she sees on social media — is "90% climate and 10% dogs." That's obviously a little joke there, but it's clear that what's on her mind is climate. 

Remember, she doesn't work for the former Greenpeace activist who now serves as environment minister, Steven Guilbeault. She works for the energy minister, but she says 90% of what's on her mind is climate.

She did work for Guilbeault, however, as her pinned tweet shows her commemorating her end as his director of communications in December 2021. She also shares stories, like one titled: "China leads energy transition: Canada natural resources minister".

Eight years later, and Justin Trudeau's government is still admiring China's basic dictatorship. Imagine saying that China is the role model. China, the most abusive totalitarian regime in the world — but also the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide, if you care about that kind of thing.

More to the point, China's also at the top when it comes to real pollution.

Another story she shared looks at the potential for liquid natural gas assets to be "stranded" in Canada. Our country has huge amounts of natural gas, and when you chill it it turns into a liquid, making it far smaller and easier to transport around the world.

This is actually how the country of Qatar has become an economic powerhouse in its own right. 

But back here at home, the Trudeau Liberals say there's no business case for our huge supply of natural gas. Even though countries like Ukraine, Germany and Japan are practically begging us for it.

And yet this is the director of communications for the energy minister essentially saying, 'oh no, those are going to be stranded assets, you'd be an idiot to invest in them'.

You scroll down her feed, page after page, and it's not the energy minister she's a spokesperson for — it's the anti-energy minister.

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