Equality Lounge in Davos requires three jabs for entry

'All are welcome, all races, all religions, all ages, all genders, all cultures, all sexual orientations, all abilities, all mindsets,' reads the sign in front of the WEF venue that requires proof of two doses and a booster of a vaccine, specifically one not developed by Russia. 

Equality Lounge in Davos requires three jabs for entry
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All mindsets are welcome, except for the mindset wherein you honour the medical autonomy and privacy of others.

The hypocritical sign was caught by Rebel News U.K. correspondent Lewis Brackpool, who is on the ground in Davos, Switzerland, this week to cover the World Economic Forum (WEF) the annual meeting of the world's most powerful string-pullers as they discuss climate change, digital ID, cyber security and the Russian war on Ukraine.

To learn more about the less-than-benevolent motives of the WEF, please visit www.ExposeTheReset.com.

The Equality Lounge, in partnership with several banks and financial institutions, along with NBC and Procter & Gamble, is sponsored by The Female Quotient, an organization that works toward a goal of 30% female representation on corporate boards and in positions of leadership.

P&G, in spite of the company's virtue signalling a world away in Davos, does not practice this commitment to equality on its own turf.

In September 2021, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “P&G said it would tell its 26,000 workers in the U.S. to either provide proof of vaccination, obtain a company-approved exemption or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing.”

When an employee group pushed back with a lawsuit, the pharmaceutical and consumer products giant delayed the vaccine mandate and ultimately cancelled it.

To attend the WEF meetings, not only do participants have to be fully vaccinated but they also have to submit to daily testing. Recipients of the Russian developed Sputnik vaccine will be subject to political-medical discrimination, CNBC reports:

Participants are considered fully vaccinated if they have received two doses, plus a third booster shot, of all the main vaccines developed to fight COVID, including China’s CoronaVac from Sinovac. Russia’s Sputnik vaccine is not among the recognized shots.

Rebel News' special investigative team of journalists will be on the ground in Davos for the duration of the WEF meetings to show you a side of the globalist oligarch cabal you won't see anywhere else. To support their independent journalism and to never miss a report, please visit www.WEFreports.com.

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