Erin O’Toole so-called candidate of “truth, duty, and valour” won't respond to Rebel News' questions

Conservative Party communications director Cory Hann refused to allowed David Menzies to ask Erin O'Toole questions in the final hours ahead of the Sept. 20 election.

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With the 2021 federal election now in the home stretch, is Erin O’Toole feeling the pressure? Justin Trudeau had a disastrous campaign whereas the O’Toole camp performed quite well (if we can ignore the grotesque flip-flops on everything from gun bans to carbon taxes.) And yet, the Liberals and the Conservatives are in a statistical dead-heat.

On Sunday afternoon, O’Toole dropped by Markham, Ont., for a rally. The attendance could be measured in the dozens, making a Joe Biden rally look Trumpian by comparison.

Still, I wanted to ask Mr. O’Toole a few questions. After all, some 13 months ago, Erin O’Toole had all the time in the world for Rebel News reports at the Independent Press Gallery debate in Toronto. But that was then and this is now: copying the strategy of Andrew “Missing an Empty Net on a Breakaway” Scheer, Erin O’Toole considers Rebel News (and our 1.5+ million YouTube audience) to be media and audience non grata. Meanwhile, just like Scheer, he sucks up to the mean girls in the Media Party such as the CBC and the Toronto Star, media outlets that hate the Conservatives. (Is this not the textbook definition of insanity?)

So it was that when we arrived at the Markham industrial park to cover the rally, my camerawoman and I were told to beat it by Cory Hann (who had previously frog-marched my colleague, Alexa Lavoie, out of another Conservative Party event.) Hann claims we are “disruptive” but could not provide a single example of “disruptions.”

We were told to leave the parking lot and even the berm; so it was we had to do our reporting while standing on a busy street! (At least Mr. Hann was kind enough to remind us to watch out for vehicles zooming by at 70 km/h.)

Meanwhile, the Erin O’Toole bus was moved three times as the Conservative Party’s fearless leader cowered in fear inside the coach for more than 30 minutes! Why? Because a pesky Rebel News reporter might ask him some impolite questions?

Well, he was correct on that front. For when he finally slithered out of his bus, I shouted a few questions from the road. Namely:

  • Why are you stiffing Rebel News?
  • Likewise, why did you stiff Jordan Peterson?
  • Why are you in a statistical tie with the scandal-plagued Liberals?
  • Why did you throw Lisa Robinson, the former candidate for Beaches East York who was allegedly framed on social media, under the bus after previously stating you “had her back”?

Alas, no answers were forthcoming.

And to think that mere months ago Erin O’Toole billed himself as the “pro-free speech/anti-cancel culture” candidate? Astonishing…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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