EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis on combatting legacy media

Ron DeSantis talks to Juan Mendoza about the legacy media corruption and lies regarding his administration, in this exclusive interview with Rebel News.

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Rebel News reporter Juan Mendoza traveled to the Florida's state capitol in Tallahassee on July 19 for an exclusive 15-minute interview with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in an exclusive 15-minute interview.

One of the topics discussed was how the legacy media paints him and the state of Florida in a negative light.

The governor stated that his administration engages with citizens all across the state.

“We go out to the different parts of Florida all the time, you know, we're doing events,” DeSantis explained. “And the thing is of a local news, they've got to put what I say up on up on the air, and people judge for themselves and they they like what we're doing and they see the results are positive.”

He also mentioned his belief that people in the state are beginning to see how the legacy media has an agenda to attack his office and the people in Florida.

“I think more and more people have just totally tuned out legacy press outlets,” the Republican governor said. “I think that they realize that they have an agenda. And I think that they realize that they are about trying to craft partisan narratives rather than trying to report facts.”

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