Ron DeSantis: Full Interview, July 2022

In this early access available exclusively for RebelNews+ subscribers, Florida-based reporter Juan Mendoza sits down with Governor Ron DeSantis for an interview.

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Rebel News travelled to the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee on July 19 and spoke to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in an exclusive interview.

During our interview, Gov. DeSantis condemned institutions such as Disney for pushing corrupt ideologies into the public. “Disney's trying to impose sexuality in elementary school or in their programming. That is not consistent with the values of the state of Florida. We have a responsibility to stand up and defend our people,” DeSantis told Rebel News.

DeSantis also discussed the actions being taken in the state of Florida to pass constitutional carry laws, telling us that “The legislature has to do it. I've encouraged them to do it. I'll sign it. I think we will get that done in the next legislature session.”

The governor also shared his thoughts on what Florida would have become if he hadn't narrowly edged out his Democrat opponent, Andrew Gillum, in 2018. DeSantis said that the Democratic policies would have devastated the service-driven economy in Florida, and that lockdowns would have resulted in long-term learning damage for children unable to go to schools.

“If Florida had not been leading on all these issues: making sure kids are in school, making sure businesses could stay open and people could work, making sure you wouldn't be forced out of your job because of a COVID jab mandate, making sure we didn't have things like vaccine passports; if we had not been leaning on all that, I think that the lockdowners would have won nationwide,” DeSantis told Rebel News.

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