WATCH: Ezra Levant addresses Trucker Freedom Convoy

Ezra Levant speaks to truckers and their supporters as they gathered outside of Parliament in Ottawa.

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Ezra Levant, along with 10 more Rebel News team members, made their way to Ottawa this weekend to cover the Truckers Freedom Convoy arriving in the nation's capital. With the truckers and their supporters gathered outside of Parliament Hill, Ezra took to a stage that had been set up to deliver an impromptu speech to the crowd.

“It's great to be here, and on behalf of Rebel News, I salute you,” Ezra told the crowd. Criticizing the mainstream media, the Media Party, Ezra praised those who were filming and documenting the day as independent citizen journalists. 

“The government says you're racist, the government says you're sexist, the government says you're violent,” Ezra said. On the contrary, “I've never seen a more diverse group of Canadians.”

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