Ezra Levant: 'If you allow trans athletes into a sport, it is only a matter of time before there are no women left'

The Ezra Levant Show was joined by sports performance coach and author of Unsporting, Linda Blade. Levant and Blade spoke about biological males competing in women's sports, and what Justin Trudeau said about trans women on Women's Day.

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Recently, CBS News released an article titled, "Trans women can compete in USA Powerlifting, ruling says." 

Levant read from the CBS article:

Transgender women can now compete in USA Powerlifting after a court ruled in favor of athlete JayCee Cooper, who filed a discrimination case against the federation after she was banned from competing in women's events. 

"It's very confusing how journalists put SHE there," said Levant, analyzing the article. "And in your mind's eye, you think, oh, what does SHE look like? But the less clever news actually show photos of these fellows."

The article continued:

The judge also wrote that while USAPL focused on the notion of "fairness" in its decision to bar trans women from competition, citing an unfair advantage, "The USAPL's evidence of competitive advantage does not take into account any competitive disadvantage a transgender athlete might face from, for example, increased risk of depression and suicide, lack of access to coaching and practice facilities, or other performance suppression common to transgender persons."

Linda Blade, who is a sport performance coach and author of Unsporting, joined The Ezra Levant Show to comment on this topic of biological males competing in women's sports.

Blade said:

Well, it's just outright insulting! As if women's sports are supposed to be the somehow the template or mechanism for social therapy, somebody who is so suicidal. Are we using women's sports really as a therapy session now for some male born person who just decides that, you know, they're going to claim that somehow if they're not allowed to unfairly win against female athletes, that somehow we're all responsible for what they might do to themselves?

"And in the past it would be unacceptable, now it's unacceptable if you speak out against it," Levant added. "In Calgary last week, a Christian pastor was jailed for objecting to a drag queen story. But our prime minister had something to say about this and I think it was on International Women's Day."

Levant quotes what Justin Trudeau said in a tweet:

With a disturbing rise in anti-transgender hate here in Canada and around the world recently. I want to be very clear about one more thing: Trans women are women. We will always stand up to this hate - whenever and wherever it occurs.

Blade finally added that for the prime minister to say that on International Women's Day is "absolutely disrespectful and hateful towards female born persons in Canada."

"There is a sex based distinction between males and females, and for the Prime Minister to pretend like that doesn't exist is a denial of things that would entice people in his government and other organizations across the country to establish laws and policies that literally discriminate against biological women on the basis of sex."

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