Policeman Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd. What does that mean?

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I’m going to show you some tough video to look at, so turn away if you don’t want to see it. It’s a take-down of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis.

Floyd was a serial criminal. He resisted arrest. He was on drugs. Chauvin was a cop trying to arrest him.

But: did Floyd deserve to die? But: did the cop use excessive force?

Is Floyd a global hero? Is Chauvin a racist?

And really — who on earth would want to be a cop these days?

In the past year I have become more keenly aware of police brutality. Luckily none of it has involved murder.

Policing is broken. They’re too often being used as political errand boys by politicians, especially during the lockdown. And they’re demonized for fighting criminals, when that’s what we hire them to do. I know they sometimes go too far. But in this day and age, would you take that chance as a cop — and would get a fair trial? Or would you just stay out of certain parts of town. And turn a blind eye. Just look away. Don’t get involved.

Wokeness is killing policing. Too bad it’s poor people and minorities that will hurt the most because of it.

GUEST: Ontario MPP Randy Hillier (@RandyHillier on Twitter).

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