Why is Trudeau keeping his list of media subsidy recipients secret?

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Who do we rely on to tell the truth?

We used to rely on reporters. We still have a few good ones in Canada.

Sometimes Evan Solomon of CTV asks surprising questions of cabinet ministers. Steve Chase of the Globe and Mail is strong on covering China’s evil.

Don’t ever let me say reporters are 100 per cent corrupt. But I’ll say that 90 per cent of them don’t dare challenge power.

But Trudeau’s taking no chances. He’s bribing the media again, right before the election.

But this time, he’s making it secret. Not even kidding.

Take a look at this from Blacklock's Reporter:

Now The Subsidies Are Secret

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s department refuses to name publishers awarded nearly $61 million in pre-election “emergency relief.” The grants were to ensure readers receive “timely information they require from their government,” Guilbeault wrote in a letter to MPs.

This article in does name some names — no newspapers, but a list of magazines who took the cash.

It includes children’s magazines like Chickadee, which got $1.35 million — I wonder how that will politicize that kids mag. That’s quite something.

Pacific Yachting magazine got $250,000. Because if you’ve got a yacht, you probably need working men and women to subsidize your yachting magazine.

The gossip sheet Frank Magazine was paid $110,000. Let me guess — fewer insults to Trudeau, more about his opponents.

$1.5 million to the publisher of Reader’s Digest.

$1.2 million to Maclean’s magazine.

$1 million to Chatelaine magazine.

$570,000 to Toronto Life.

That explains a lot.

But that’s chicken feed, compared to $61 million in emergency pre-election spending.

You know, in the past, a dozen journalists would have dug into this story.

But they’re the ones who are being hidden here. The only way we found out about this was through Blacklock's Reporter, one of the few companies left that’s not on the take.

We’re in upside down times.

GUEST: Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360 on Twitter) on Andrew Cuomo.

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