Rebel Downunder: Kindling free speech in Australia and New Zealand

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, a special episode from 'Downunder'. Ezra reflects on the success of Avi Yemini's book launch events in Australia and New Zealand. Melbourne boasts impressive skyscrapers, love for sports, and a magnificent coastline. Yet at its core stands the Shrine of Remembrance, a tribute to Australians who fought in global wars.

This edifice tells a story not only of Australia's contributions to world peace but also highlights the sacrifices made by nations like Canada during significant wartime efforts. Sadly, it was also the scene where peaceful protesters were fired upon by police during Melbourne's shocking authoritarian Covid lockdowns.

While cities like Melbourne stand tall in their grandeur, New Zealand, a close neighbor, holds a different narrative. With a population roughly the same as Toronto's, this small nation has often been a breeding ground for political experiments.

Recent years saw the rise of Jacinda Ardern, a globalist leader with a penchant for stringent measures. Her reign saw moments like advising the public to view the government as the singular truth source, a sentiment that resonates with Justin Trudeau's admiration for "basic dictatorships."

Ardern's tenure didn't just limit free speech; it challenged journalists, like Rebel News' Avi Yemini. Denied entry for potentially stimulating a policy debate, Avi faced the very crux of the issue - a stifling of discourse. Despite these restrictions, voices like Avi's persevere, using platforms like book launches to kindle conversations.

It's essential to remember why we uphold these freedoms. Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance serves as a grim reminder. Those commemorated there fought for liberties, the very ones under threat today. Whether in Melbourne's vast expanses or New Zealand's tight-knit communities, the battle for civil liberties persists. The choices of today's leaders, in their embrace or denial of these freedoms, will shape the legacies they leave behind.

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