The best of Avi Yemini: Why we're carrying the torch for press freedom in Australia and New Zealand

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In Melbourne's heart stands a testament to bravery and sacrifice. The eternal flame and a pillar, both dedicated to Australian soldiers of the World Wars, frame the backdrop of the mighty Shrine of Remembrance. This hallowed ground, celebrating the Anzac forces, seems an apt location to discuss a more contemporary battle: that of journalistic freedom.

Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights the remarkable work of Rebel News' Australian Chief Reporter Avi Yemini. Arrested near this iconic location in early September 2020, his supposed crime was covering a protest. What made the arrest more perplexing was that Avi, mingling with fellow reporters, wasn't causing any disturbance.

This arrest was no isolated incident. Repeatedly, Avi found himself in police custody, sometimes driven miles away, disrupting his work. The motive? Perhaps, as some suggest, it's easier for authorities to silence one rather than confront many. This harassment wasn’t limited to Avi. Even his bodyguard found himself wrongfully detained, though apologies later came.

Rebel News, standing by its commitment to journalistic freedom, pursued legal action against the police. This culminated in a landmark victory for journalists everywhere, particularly in Australia. Victoria State's police not only compensated but also acknowledged Avi's legitimate reporting rights.

Yet, the struggle for unfettered reportage persists, not only in Victoria but also in its sister state, Queensland. Both named after Queen Victoria, there seems to be a shared experience in both places – one where the press often must fight for the right to do its job.

In tribute to this ongoing battle, today we highlight Avi's tenacity and dedication, showing that sometimes, one individual can make a world of difference. The spirit of Anzac lives on, not just in wars of the past but also in contemporary battles for freedom and justice.

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