Why aren't the Conservatives talking about Trudeau's vaccine bungle?

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I'm sceptical about vaccines. I'm sceptical about them being rushed into market so quickly. I'm wondering if they are fully tested, including on different demographics. People who are very old, people who are sick, people who are malnourished, pregnant women, on children. I'm a little nervous about it, in particular because I've been studying the statistics for months, and I realize that while some parts of the community are at risk, others have an extremely low risk of suffering any harm from COVID-19.

So I want to know more before I say green light to vaccines. I'm not against vaccines per se, I just know that sometimes they can be dangerous and risky and I want to know all the side effects.

That said, some people deeply believe in the vaccine and anyone who believes in freedom of choice should say -- you believe in the vaccine, if you're worried about it, or if you think it'll protect you, I'm not going to say no.

And so it is in Canada as around the world, many countries are dispensing vaccines, often for free. 

Canada, despite spending billions on everything, is far behind in the pace of handing out vaccines. In various headlines, Justin Trudeau blames the provinces for the slow rollout of the vaccine, but they all get it from Trudeau.

So where is the federal Conservative Party on this? Why isn't Erin O'Toole, their leader, making a big fuss?

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