Liberal politician falsely claimed a Rebel News reporter harassed him at a farmer’s market — I’ll tell you what happened next

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I saw a tweet from Justin Trudeau, proudly announcing that it is no longer legal to intimidate doctors or nurses. Except of course it’s never been legal to intimidate people — any people, really. Any person of any background. Now, of course, there is a threshold — what is “intimidation”.

But it’s been against the law for a very long time to harass or stalk or intimidate someone. But there is a move afoot to expand this, dramatically — to capture things that heretofore have simply been healthy debate.

Doctors, like the rest of us, have strong protections under criminal law. The laws of stalking, harassment, intimidation, all sorts of threats — that has never been legal.

Trudeau is the threatener — and even as he threatens doctors, he projects what he’s doing onto his critics.

But as Trudeau does, so they all do. And so it was that, this weekend, a little Trudeau wannabe, a Liberal candidate provincially in Ontario, who has been a lockdown extremist, a TV doctor hyping lockdowns, he told a lie. A whopper. An extreme lie. A cry wolf lie, a crybaby lie. Here’s what he said.

Nathan Stall is his name:

Today a Rebel News reporter harassed me at a local farmer’s market for promoting vaccines. That same reporter made use of the market’s shopping service, where volunteers personally shop inside for those without a vaccine certificate. Reasonable accommodation demands civility.

More than a thousand people retweeted or liked this — probably 100,000 saw it.

You heard him — he was quite specific. A Rebel News reporter. At a farmer’s market. Who was personally shopping without a vaccine. Harassed him.

Well I saw that, and I immediately sent a note to our entire team — did anyone talk to this guy? A bunch of our team immediately replied, and I phoned the rest. Obviously I didn’t pester the people I knew were far away in British Columbia or Australia. But everyone in Ontario, where this guy is.

And not only did none of them interact with him, only one of them knew who he was! And none of them had ever contacted him, in any manner. None of them had been to a farmer’s market that day. It was simply all made up.

Just completely made up.

I was pretty sure he would be exaggerating no matter what; but I thought it could be true. Until I spoke with literally our whole team.

Nathan Stall is a liar.

I called him out on it:

And here’s what the little liar wrote in reply:

Please speak with Rosmary Frei.

Here is her Rebel News article covering my work on COVID-19 vaccines, and then he linked to this story from five months ago.

Huh? Rosemary Frei? She doesn’t work for us. Never has. And that story? It was our reporter, Tamara, interviewing Rosemary Frei. She’s just a person we interviewed, five months ago. We’ve done 30,000 videos in our time. We’ve spoken to thousands of people. They don’t work for us. They’re not “rebel news reporters”. Which he specifically said. He’s not that dumb to think someone we interviewed is a Rebel News reporter. He just thought he could get away with it.

And by the way, he’s such a liar, I don’t believe he had an interaction with her in any event.

But so what. The lie was out there. And even after I called him on his lie, he let it stand for hours more, so hundreds of thousands of more people could see it — and retweet it.

It was a hoax. Like Jussie Smollett. He invented a hate crime against himself — but it was a lie. He was the hater.

So what, though.

Here’s a left-wing news site called The Narwhal republishing it, saying it’s proof we’re not journalists.

Andre Picard, the Globe and Mail’s health journalist retweeted it.

Of course, Catherine McKenna, the disgraced former minister did too.

And then finally, I guess a real lawyer talked to him, and he panicked, and he just deleted it all — but with no correction, retraction, apology. The 100,000+ people who read it simply read it and that was it. They assume it was accurate. Because Stall didn’t correct himself.

The defamation is done. The hate was published. And it’s in service of Trudeau’s narrative — we’re inciting violence against him, or even committing violence against him. Or whatever “harassing” means.

They’re lying. They’re the violent ones, the threateners. They’re the ones locking us all down, using police to bully us, using colleges of physicians and surgeons to silence people. They’re accusing their victims of what they themselves do.

Our lawyers sent Stall a demand letter, telling him that if he doesn’t in fact retract and apologize, we’ll see him in court. I’ll let you know how it goes.

By the way? Look at this:

That’s published in Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star.

If I were a woke leftist, I’d say that’s intimidation or harassment or something and police ought to arrest them. I’m not a leftist, so I’ll just say it’s a disgrace. And it’s absolutely, 100 per cent, at the feet of Justin Trudeau, who has telegraphed to the entire establishment that it is ok to hate those who disagree with you on the lockdowns.

This won’t end well.

GUEST: True North's Cosmin Dzsurdzsa (follow @cosminDZS on Twitter) on his article Radical anarchist producing CBC documentary on BC pipeline protests.

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