What's Lurking Under Ontario's Long Term Care COVID Policy with Rosemary Frei

Rosemary Frei joins Tamara Ugolini of Rebel News to discuss a new COVID resource guide.

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Clarification: Rosemary Frei notes having a medical exemption— this is pertaining to a mask exemption, not a vaccine exemption. 

The Ministry of Long Term Care has put out a directive for all Long Term Care home licensees to implement a COVID-19 immunization policy and they provide a Resource Guide to facilitate it.

In this interview with freelance medical writer and investigative journalist, Rosemary Frei, who has a Master of Science in molecular biology, we discuss the directive that she found and its implications surrounding informed consent.

The directive outlines that staff, students and volunteers have to provide proof of either vaccination, a medical exemption note signed by a physician or registered nurse or provide proof that they have completed an educational session. This directive is meant to ensure that individuals make an informed choice around the experimental COVID injection.

Rosemary and I discuss the educational video suggested in the resource guide by Nathan Stall, who resigned from the Ontario Science Table in early August to seek a Liberal nomination. I then continue to look into some of the players helping to develop the content of Stall’s video.

Thirty seconds into that video, Stall mentions that 19 to Zero Canada helped create the content that he presents. The 500+ member coalition is self-described as working to build confidence in vaccines and get Canadians vaccinated. They have developed Behavioural Change Campaigns to influence vaccine compliance.

At the bottom of their About Us page they list some of their Funders and Sponsors. Pfizer and Moderna are on the list, along with other pharmaceutical companies, influencers, story-telling agencies like Emergence Creative and brand strategists like H+K Strategies; whose CEOs have questionably biased ties.

I highly recommend Rosemary’s work under her piece titled, “The Modelling-paper Mafiosi,” to gain insight into the conflicts of interest found among the pandemic modelers and hysteria generators.

Building vaccine educational sessions from flowery, illustrated directives with questionable conflicts of interest shows us where the bias lies.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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