A CDC study says natural immunity is better than vaccines, so why are they still acting like Pfizer salesmen?

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Did you see this study?


This is from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control.

Now, it’s obviously a study full of scientific terminology. But they have an official summary in plain English.

During May–November 2021, case and hospitalization rates were highest among persons who were unvaccinated without a previous diagnosis. Before Delta became the predominant variant in June, case rates were higher among persons who survived a previous infection than persons who were vaccinated alone. By early October, persons who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than persons who were vaccinated alone.

So did you get that? It used to be people who were unvaccinated and who didn’t have COVID were had a higher rate of infection and hospitalization. But when the new variant made its debut, if you had natural immunity — or as they put it, if you survived a previous infection — you were actually less likely to get the virus than someone who was vaccinated.

Now that sounds obvious. But it’s quite an admission from the CDC.

Although the epidemiology of COVID-19 might change as new variants emerge, vaccination remains the safest strategy for averting future SARS-CoV-2 infections, hospitalizations, long-term sequelae, and death. Primary vaccination, additional doses, and booster doses are recommended for all eligible persons. Additional future recommendations for vaccine doses might be warranted as the virus and immunity levels change.

Got it. So you just literally reported that people who have natural immunity actually do better than those with the vax. But you’re still recommending vaccination, additional doses, boosters, etc., ad infinitum.

You just told us natural immunity was strong. But you can’t stop serving your political masters. Pitiful.

It’s written so defensively, in such a way to downplay what they found:

Previous SARS-CoV-2 infection also confers protection against severe outcomes in the event of reinfection.

Don’t even let them tell you this is about science.

One last thing about these abusive rule-makers. Do you remember these faces of nurses and doctors that they posted last year, about how bruised their faces were because they were wearing tight N95 masks all day? They were quite dramatic, and sympathetic.

Just FYI, there are schools across Canada and America requiring students to wear industrial-style masks like that. Children. For hours at a time.

That’s not science; masks don’t work in any real way; children are not at any real risk from the disease in any event.

This is abusive. Never forget who is doing this to you. And I don’t know what you’re made of, but for me — I’ll never forgive them.

GUEST: Mocha Bezirgan (follow @BezirganMocha on Twitter) on the Freedom Convoy.

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