Is it time to bring back Ethical Oil?

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I saw this big headline, front page of the Globe and Mail:

Canadian envoy in Ukraine summoned by Kyiv over Russian turbine sanctions controversy

Zelensky calls equipment export plans an 'absolutely unacceptable exception' to sanctions

That was their news story. Then they had this commentary:

Ottawa says it stands with Ukraine. Its decision to return turbines to Russia suggests otherwise.

Here’s the first two paragraphs, which sum up the story pretty well:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was right when he said that Ottawa’s decision to skirt its own sanctions law and send Nord Stream 1 gas turbines back to Russia via Germany was “absolutely unacceptable.”

The six Russian turbines that the German company Siemens Energy had been servicing in Montreal, but which became stranded owing to sanctions on Moscow, had been a bilateral irritant between Ottawa and Kyiv for some time. The Russian government had claimed that the missing equipment was the reason it reduced the flow of natural gas to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, prompting Berlin to press Justin Trudeau’s government for the turbines’ release. But this week, Canada actively amended its own sanctions laws in order to return them to Germany – which will then turn them over to Russia.”

I’ll skip a bit, but I thought this paragraph was punchy:

Oil and gas exports on average generate more than US$100-billion a year for the Kremlin, which in turn helps fund its invasion of Ukraine. “Russia is incredibly unimportant in the global economy except for oil and gas,” economist and Obama White House advisor Jason Furman told the New York Times. ”It’s basically a big gas station.”

The turbines were urgent:

It really would have been a dramatic domino effect.

The critics are right — in principle. Canada is unserious, Germany is unserious.

In September 2018, they laughed at the guy who would fix things with energy independence:

Trump accused Germany of becoming ‘totally dependent’ on Russian energy at the U.N. The Germans just smirked.

Trudeau could help — but he refuses.

He’ll help with “green energy”. No-one wants that.

What could we do? What Trump did. What Harper was trying to do.

On tonight's show, I'll tell you my solution and give you more details on reviving

GUEST: Amy Hamm (@preta_6) is a nurse that works in the Vancouver area. In addition to her career in nursing, Hamm has some opinions on the woke ideologies that are becoming more and more prominent in not just entertainment and culture, but health care as well.

J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, has been a critic of the push by some gender theorists to redefine what a woman is. To show support for Rowling's sharing of these more traditional views of gender, Hamm became involved in a campaign that saw “I [LOVE] JK ROWLING” displayed prominently on a billboard.

In response, the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives levied claims Hamm was spreading “medically inaccurate” information. While that charge has been dropped, new claims have been raised against Hamm.

The College is now asserting that Hamm:

Made discriminatory and derogatory statements regarding transgender people, while identifying yourself as a nurse or nurse educator. These statements were made across various online platforms, including but not limited to, podcasts, videos, published writings and social media.

Lawyers for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms are helping Hamm fight back against these claims, with a hearing scheduled this fall.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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