'Global Boiling' The Newest Fear Campaign

GUEST: Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter.

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Covid was terrifying — but it’s done. So a new fear campaign just dropped — it's called “global boiling.”

They say love is the most potent force in the world — and I believe it, love for your family, love for your children. Think of how dangerous it is to come between a momma grizzly bear and her cubs. That’s love. But fear is a relative of love — the momma grizzly’s love transforms to fear for her cubs’ safety; that’s why she gets so utterly dangerous. Love and fear are cousins in that way.

Humans are hard-wired for fear. Fear explains how we were so easy to control during the pandemic. It was fear — fear of the virus, that was revved up. The images on TV from China looked pretty scary to me. 

Fear is what manipulated us; fear is what made us put on masks, which is unnatural; fear is what made us agree to close our businesses and schools and churches, lock out our own families, and even shut down weddings and funerals. It was fear.

They manipulated us. That’s not a controversial thing to say now; it’s all come out

And now there’s a new fear campaign that’s dropping. And of course, it’s from the UN. The World Health Organization (WHO) is an agency of the UN. It did a great job of instilling fear. Now it’s the climate branch of the UN's turn. 

The earth is unbreathable? Fossil fuel profits are unacceptable? Families are running from flames because of global boiling? No waiting for others, no hesitancy?

You know that China is by far the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world, right? Is he talking about them? You know that guy — António Guterres. He only flies in private jets. Is he going to stop? How about the UN — they love to meet in New York and Geneva and Berlin and the world's most amazing cities. Are they going to switch to Zoom?

I’m kidding. Of course, they won't. 

Well, the big boss laid out the agenda. And so it’s being repeated now. For a while there, it was Build Back Better. Now it’s “global boiling.”

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the elites start acting like it.

GUEST: Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter on how Trudeau's failed 'bail reform' policies led to a surge of violent attacks nationwide. 

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