Is it true that technology will make millions of people useless? That’s what the World Economic Forum says.

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I’m so proud of the journalism we did in Switzerland covering the WEF and the WHO. A lot of great videos, my favorite was when Avi Yemini, our Australian star, accosted the UN’s envoy for COVID-19 David Nabarro.

As you can see, Avi was a shining star — so much so that he was invited on GB News, the new, freedom-oriented TV network on the UK, on their flagship show last night.

Just really great stuff.

Why are people so interested in the WEF? One reason is a psychological one — when the experts and elites and official people tell you not to be interested in it, that to be interested in it is a conspiracy theory — well, there’s a reverse psychology there; if you’re telling me not to look at something, now I want to, because you’re not the boss of me.

But I want to focus for a moment not on Klaus Schwab — but on his rising star, also a character from a Bond movies.

His name is Yuval Noah Harari.

He’s an odd bird. He’s a bit of a futurist, if you know what I mean — someone who makes predictions about the future, and has lots of opinions on what we should do as a broad society. He fancies himself a master of the universe — a mini Klaus Schwab.

He was born to a Jewish family, but he has effectively renounced Judaism and I think it’s fair to say, any religion in which there is a God. He meditates — just thinks to himself; it’s different than praying. He says he meditates for an hour at the beginning of the day and an hour at the end of the day. He’s a vegan, of course. He says he doesn’t have a smartphone.

I want to show you a bit about him — because, as his boss Klaus Schwab says, the WEF for which he offers opinions, has penetrated the cabinets of many countries in the world, including Canada.

I’m going to play some clips of him. Some of them I can only find on YouTube channels that are very critical of him — and they have some words on the screen that some commentator has added, that I don’t necessarily agree with; but those are the best clips out there I can find. Some have some sound effects added too — again, not my editorial choices, but I want to show you who he is.

I think Yuval Noah Harari has been spending too much time at Davos. I think he needs to visit with normal people, with children, not those who hate children. With people who have a sense of purpose.

I don't want to be part of his death cult, his consumer cult. I don’t want to have a microchip in me. I don’t want to be tracked. I didn’t consent to COVID surveillance.

Maybe he’s just a futurist, an active imagination, a story-teller. Maybe; but he’s the muse for some deeply evil men, who have “penetrated” our governments.

This is why we talk about the WEF. Because it’s interesting; because it’s a danger; and because we’re still, for now, free. Free to tell some egghead that he might think we’re useless, but we don’t think that about ourselves.

GUEST: Lord Conrad Black.

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