FULL VIDEO: The interview Dr David Nabarro didn't want us to publish

Special Envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organization, Dr. David Nabarro, claims he was "ambushed" by Avi Yemini at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

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Rebel News' Australian correspondent tracked down David Nabarro last Monday afternoon in Davos, Switzerland at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings taking place between May 22 and May 26.

After struggling to answer Rebel News questions, Dr Nabarro promised to give a sit-down interview but never responded to the multiple requests.

"You're asking quite aggressive questions," Dr Nabarro protested.

When pushed on why the Dr. believes people have lost trust in the WHO, he said it's "because Covid's affected poor people everywhere really badly."

"People are looking for someone to blame," he added.

Dr David Nabarro told Rebel that lockdowns should be a last resort.

Rebel reporter, Avi Yemini, responded to that comment by asking if Nabarro feels Dan Andrews' lockdowns in Victoria were too harsh, to which the WHO special envoy responded:

"I do not like to comment on decisions of individual governments."

At first, the WHO Dr. said vaccine mandates should "really be a last resort." However, when asked for an example of when a mandate is okay, he said he "would personally never want anything mandated."

Dr David Nabarro maintains the WHO is not to blame for the pandemic and should bear no responsibility for its mistakes.

Rebel News sent a team of six reporters to the WEF meetings to bring the world the other side of the story — the truth about the WEF — that the mainstream media refuses to. To see their full coverage and to support their truly independent journalism, please visit www.WEFreports.com.

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