Alex Epstein on Biden's conniving 'climate change' lie

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Tonight, Ezra Levant hosts a feature longform interview with Energy expert Alex Epstein on his dissection of the "climate change" lie.

More than a decade ago, Epstein published the book Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands which proposed conjoining the word ethics with oil. It should come as no surprise that this shocked people who always demonized conventional oil and gas.

The premise of my novel was to challenge the ideals of the progressive left, which claims to advocate responsible development and human rights. If we actually value those things, we should prefer ethical crude from democratic countries like Canada and the United States over conflict oil from OPEC nations.

Fast forward to today and the situation on the ground is exponentially worse. 

Climate alarmism has festered in the developed world and the generations of tomorrow appear terrified. Climate anxiety among young people is through the roof. The battle for global energy dominance will not be fought through foreign affairs, but in our public institutions.

Thusly, what should the government do to address climate change?

In the United States, President Joe Biden's faced incredible pushback from Congress over his radical anti-fossil fuel agenda.

According to Epstein, Biden is circumventing the legislative process by having the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) coerce companies into spouting anti-fossil fuel propaganda. Thus, Biden appears committed to the 'climate catastrophe' in the form of "climate disclosures."

"The SEC's new "climate disclosure rules" — now paused by the Fifth Circuit — have been rightly criticized for forcing companies to do endless, costly paperwork," said Epstein. The burdensome process discourages companies from going public and contradicts the SEC's goal of fostering investment opportunities, he claimed.

"Sadly, most critics of the SEC's rules are missing the biggest, most dangerous problem: they're not actually 'climate disclosure rules,'" continued Epstein, who said those already existed.

"They are 'anti-fossil fuel propagandizing and planning rules' that violate freedom of speech and endanger our economy."

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