Trudeau Liberals burn through more money to fight 'disinformation'

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau profusely cries wolf, accusing his political enemies and everyday Canadians of spreading ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation.’

On March 21, Trudeau pledged $8.4 million to provide eco-radicals with “vibrant civic spaces” to achieve "transformative climate justice" across the developing world. 

These initiatives will protect ‘climate defenders’ from "misinformation on social media," he said. 

The Prime Minister continues to fear-monger Canadians about ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ fueling "growing distrust of government and media." 

Like every scary movie, Trudeau’s government rattles people to the core — like an eerie phone call from an ominous villain.

Notably, Canada’s state broadcaster, the media arm of the scary Liberal-NDP coalition, claimed Russian dictator Vladimir Putin orchestrated the Freedom Convoy. CBC News later retracted their media report.

The Liberals later claimed that convoy truckers set fire to an apartment building. Which was untrue.

They also suggested the truckers had firearms in Ottawa — also false.

The Trudeau Liberals later blamed Israel for bombing a Gaza hospital used as a front for Hamas to carry out terror campaigns.

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet spoke too soon and the Department of National Defence confirmed it was a misfired terrorist rocket.

This and more as Sheila Gunn Reid guest hosts the Ezra Levant Show. 

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano on the upcoming April 1st carbon tax hike and MP pay raise.

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