Steven Guilbeault, Trudeau's environment minister, gives money to Steven Guilbeault’s old lobby group to fight against Canadian SUVs

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Steven Guilbeault is an unrepentant criminal, who lied to the courts, who broke the law with impunity. Sounds like a Trudeau man.

Well of course he’s the Environment Minister now. And a Communist is a Communist; he hasn’t reformed himself. He’s done the opposite — he’s learned how to game the system. Guilbeault actually went on to start his own lobby group called Équiterre, sort of a Quebec version of Greenpeace, but more radical.

That’s what he was doing “for a living” before he ran for politics.

And — being an unethical criminal — it won’t surprise you that, as Environment minister, he steers funding to his old lobby group. Look at this:

Équiterre launches an awareness campaign on the impacts of large vehicles

It’s a campaign against SUVs. Here’s their slogan — it loses something a bit in English; their translations are clunky:

No SUV for me.

Their main complaint of course is that SUVs consume more gas and therefore have more emissions than smaller cars. Well of course. And a car uses more gas than a motorbike, too. But the war against SUVs is a war against the family — if you are a single person, a political activist who lives in the downtown of a big city that has public transit, you hate SUVs for political and aesthetic reasons.

But if you are a family who lives in the suburbs, and has children, and maybe you take the kids to the hockey arena, or maybe you go shopping at Costco and have a lot of stuff to take home, and using a bus or subway isn’t a real option, SUVs are a godsend. They’re really just this generation’s version of a minivan.

But I want to point out this to you: scroll down to the bottom of the page. Look at this:

“No SUV for Me” campaign is coordinated by Équiterre with financial support from the Government of Canada.

Huh? So the Government of Canada — the environment department presumably, Guilbeault’s budget, presumably — they’re funding this anti-SUV propaganda?

Here is a list of ministerial vehicles disclosed by the government a few months ago. They dropped more than a million bucks on cars for cabinet ministers — and drivers too, of course. Lots of Toyota Highlanders, Ford Explorers. Most of them are SUVS — and not the little ones, either.

The people who are chauffeured around in SUVs are telling you not to drive SUVs. They’re probably the same ones feasting on big steaks, while telling you to eat bugs; living in big mansions while telling you to live in a pod.

Trudeau is contemplating a new tax on trucks. Of course he is. Because it’s vengeance against the truckers who embarrassed him politically. So he’s gong to tax trucks. Not like that will be passed on to — everyone. Is there a single thing you buy in a store, whether it’s food, or gasoline, or clothing or toys or tools that hasn’t first been on a truck? So sure, yeah, tax trucks. That’ll show ‘em. Trudeau raises the carbon tax every year, why not tax trucks, too? I mean, it’s not like he and his cabinet pay these taxes when they ride in their SUVs. Taxpayers cover those costs.

It’s just weird.

Here’s Trudeau making an announcement of $110-million dollars for a Toyota factory to make RAV-4s. That’s an SUV, in case you didn’t know. Toyota made $20-billion dollars US — PROFIT! — in the last nine months.

So they’re on track for $25 billion in profit. But Trudeau thought it was so important that they make SUVs in Canada, that he gave them $110-million of your money to do it.

So: money to make SUVS. Money to attack SUVs. He really is that stupid.

Or maybe we’re the stupid ones — abiding Trudeau, and his convicted criminal environment minister, who is still shovelling money back to his own personally lobby group.

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