A new frontier for civil rights? The rising concerns over radical transgenderism and pedophilia

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

As we traverse the 21st century, the landscape of civil rights advocacy, particularly within university campuses, appears perplexingly quiet. Years ago, these grounds roared with life, resonating with the cries of advocates for equal rights, women's rights, and the cessation of the Vietnam War.

Today, however, one might argue that this zealous energy seems misplaced, even redundant, given the significant strides made in these areas.

The new crusade that is slowly emerging is that of transgender rights, specifically radical transgenderism. It's a cause that appears to be veering towards victory, which should raise concerns, considering the mental health struggles commonly associated with this community.

A disturbing trend is the increasing normalization of radical transgenderism. Instances like a U.S. Supreme Court judge publicly admitting her inability to define "woman," or the regular occurrence of drag queen story time at public libraries, attest to this unsettling shift.

However, voicing any skepticism or disagreement is swiftly labelled as transphobic, a hate crime at its extreme, prompting many to stay silent.

A recent case in Vancouver exemplifies this. A man advocating for children's wellbeing was assaulted, and despite ample evidence, the police refrained from pressing charges.

Curiously, police forces are being mandated to undergo transgender training, raising questions about their impartiality and duty to uphold the law.

This trend is not confined to the radical trans community. Universities are becoming hostile environments for those who dare to question the fairness of trans women competing against biological women in sports. The case of Riley Gaines, who faced severe backlash for opposing this, stands as a stark reminder.

As radical transgenderism seems to be gaining ground, one might question the next frontier in civil rights. A disturbing possibility that looms large is the normalization of pedophilia, a thought that sends chills down the spine of the majority of the world's population.

A recent UN-backed report by international legal experts suggests the normalization of adults engaged in sexual relations with minors, a horrifying prospect to contemplate. The report argues that children possess both the capacity and the legal right to make sexual decisions, a statement that has drawn widespread criticism.

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), an organization advocating for pedophilia, was founded in 1978. Although its influence has diminished, it hasn't disappeared completely. The term "minor-attracted persons" (MAPs) has surfaced, suggesting a rebranding effort for pedophilia.

The report and its alarming content were released to commemorate International Women’s Day, a move that raised eyebrows. The connection drawn between women's rights and the age of consent is deeply disturbing and offensive.

It reflects the UN's ongoing disconnect with the people it claims to represent and emphasizes the urgent need for nations to reconsider their affiliation with this body.

The radical transgender movement has led to a shift in societal norms that is disconcerting. The notion that biological men can identify as women, irrespective of whether they've undergone gender reassignment surgery, has taken root.

This has led to contentious issues like biological men competing in women's sports or being housed in women's prisons.

The current trend of normalizing pedophilia is frightening. The LGBTQ+ community must take a stand against such normalization, especially when pornographic novels featuring pedophilia themes are being distributed in elementary schools.

The question that remains unanswered is whether pedophilia will follow in the footsteps of radical transgenderism, normalizing a deplorable act under the banner of civil rights. If the current trend continues, it's a possibility that we cannot dismiss.

GUEST: Michael Yon, combat correspondent, speaking on America's Title 42 dropping, and what it means for both US and Canada.

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