The story of a pilot who told a three-word joke... and now the world wants him fired

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A week or two ago we told you about a wildcat strike, or more accurately, a work-to-rule at Southwest Airlines, where thousands of flights were cancelled by workers rebelling against the COVID vaccines.

The airline lied for a while, and the media joined in the lie, that the flights were cancelled for reasons of weather — that, oddly enough, didn’t affect any other airlines.

But the truth came out — and Southwest caved in, and abandoned their vaccine extremism.

So I like Southwest now. I wonder if we’ll see something similar at Canada’s airlines. I’m afraid I’m pessimistic.

But look at this news report.

And I’m not sure if it even rises to that standard — I’d call it more gossip, or a rumour.

It’s from a reporter at the Associated Press:

They’re talking about the three-word slogan: Let’s Go Brandon.

On tonight's show, we'll talk about where Let's Go Brandon came from and how activist reporters in the mainstream media are reacting.

Why are they freaking out about this so badly? Why are they hunting for this pilot? Why are they trying to get him fired?

Because it’s spreading. Someone has broken the narrative. It’s pure underground, pure guerrilla, it’s off-script, it’s unapproved, it’s contrary to the billions of dollars of official messaging.

I mean, if they make fun of Joe Biden, and laugh about it, and if they come up with a new catch-phrase, who knows what they’ll make fun of next? Anthony Fauci. Nancy Pelosi. Vaccines. Taxes.

This pilot must be stopped, and he must be made into an example.

And if we have to call him a vulgar terrorist, so be it.

GUEST: Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool on Twitter) is in Glasgow for the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference.

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