Hamas sympathizers disparage Canadian vets on Remembrance Day, while remembering 'terrorist friends'

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The recent wave of anti-Israel protests across Canada are emboldened to demand a ceasefire abroad, despite escalating safety risks to the Jewish community, Ezra highlights on tonight's show.

On Remembrance Day, November 11, a ceremony commemorating Canadian veterans in Mississauga, Ontario quickly became a rally for "Palestinian martyrs."

Rebel News interviewed Firas Al Nijim at Celebration Square, where he expressed strong opinions about 'Zionists' and all those who 'slander' the terror group Hamas.

"We stand with the Palestinian legitimate resistance," said Al Nijim. "The ones that are called terrorists, we don’t call them terrorists, we call them anti-terrorists, Hamas is legitimate, it’s popular, it’s elected democratically by the Palestinians."

Among the several dozen present in the crowd, not a single person wore a poppy. Nor did Al Nijim.

"We asked the people here if they think that Hamas is a terrorist organization, they said no, the majority of people said here, they didn’t accept that, they thought that was wrong and that they’re legitimate," he claimed.

Adding insult to injury, the protester suggested Canada had fallen into the 'trap' of so-called 'US Imperialism' when asked about the country's efforts in WWI and WWII. He claimed members of our armed forces 'died in an unjust way,' implying they are not worthy of remembrance.

"We’re upset they were misled and fell in that trap," he said.

GUEST: Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie, who provided exclusive coverage of Hamas rallies in London, England.

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