Hamas supporter in Mississauga states he doesn’t stand for all Canadian veterans at 'Remembrance Day' vigil

The organiser of the vigil for 'Palestinian martyrs' incorporated poppy symbolism. When questioned, he ranted about his outspoken support for Hamas. He also claimed that the majority of people protesting against Israel share this support.

Hamas supporter in Mississauga states that he doesn’t stand for all Canadian veterans at 'Remembrance Day' vigil
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On Remembrance Day, November 11, there were two concurrent ceremonies in Mississauga, Ontario: one to honour Canadian veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice, and another to commemorate Palestinian martyrs at Celebration Square. Firas Al Nijim claimed it was for both but forgot to wear a poppy. He went on to express strong opinions about 'Zionists' and how they are slandering the  'resistance' terrorists of Hamas through the government and media.

The poster received significant criticism on social media because the group used a desecrated version of the poppy with the colors of the Palestinian flag and referred to the gathering as a “Remembrance Day Vigil for Palestinian Martyrs.”

“Canada is lost. Nothing is sacred to terrorists. Nothing,” said Tracey Wilson, a gun rights advocate with family in the Canadian military.

"NO! Just NO! Leave the poppy alone! This is Canada!" Kat Kanada, a freedom activist, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

An American author, mathematician, and anti-communist activist also criticized the post, saying, “Colonizer gonna colonize.”

The poppy is a visual pledge of remembrance for the sacrifices of soldiers during the First World War, popularized by the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. He eloquently described how poppies grew 'row by row' over the graves of Canadian soldiers, marked by crosses.

When asked about the raging hypocrisy and hijacking of the sacred icon and why he wasn’t wearing one himself, he claimed to have just forgotten it with the rush of setting up the event.

Among the several dozen present in the crowd, there was no one spotted wearing a poppy.

He noted that they only stood for the 'peacekeepers' because Canada had fallen into a 'trap,' as he called it, and had followed so-called 'US Imperialism.' He claimed that our armed forces who had participated 'died in an unjust way' and implied that they weren't worthy of being remembered.

“Canadian veterans that are specifically the ones that died in peacekeeping operations, and projects like that. The ones that are misled, taken into a war that was not just, no, we don’t stand with them. At the same time we’re upset they were misled and fell in that trap.”

The disgraceful comments from Firas Al Nijim disparaging the brave soldiers that died during the First and Second World Wars is not new from the anti-Israel crowd who demonstrate throughout the country.

“The disrespect is so brazen. Why are these people here if they hate this country so much?” Harrison Faulkner, True North host of Ratio’d, opined on X.

Nijim continued with a rant calling out the ‘Zionists’ who slander the ‘resistance fighters’ of Palestine, Hamas:

We stand with the Palestinian legitimate resistance.

The ones that are called terrorists, we don’t call them terrorists, we call them anti-terrorists, Hamas is legitimate, it’s popular, it’s elected democratically by the Palestinians.

We going to clarify that situation to the Canadian government and the Canadian public, that the Palestinian resistance has a right.

Why these groups are labelled terrorists, are because of Zionist lobbies.

Most shockingly of all, he claims that the allegedly peaceful ‘pro-Palestine’ demonstrators that gathered on Friday, November 10 at Celebration Square, Mississauga, think that Hamas is not a terrorist group, and he says most agree with that statement.

“We asked the people here if they think that Hamas is a terrorist organization, they said no, the majority of people said here, they didn’t accept that, they thought that was wrong and that they’re legitimate.”

At the same location of this rally, just meters away, Rebel News Mission Specialist David Menzies was interrupted by Essra Karam, who stated that the October 7 massacre of Israelis was 'justified' and had no problem praising them.

Firas Al Nijim mentioned earlier that he was the man who joined in the boycott of Jewish owned Cafe Landwer.

In a video posted on X, he can be seen returning drinks to anti-Israel protesters who purchased them 'by accident' and referring to the cashier that he wouldn't let them keep the drinks because "it's like drinking blood."

Rebel News Commander Ezra Levant commented on the antisemitic act, stating, "He must realize how foolish he looks and sounds... it has nothing to do with Israel.' Levant was referring to the fact that the cafe is simply named after its Jewish founder over 100 years ago in Berlin and has no connection to the Jewish state."

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