Hong Kong is tense and may turn violent, so here's how we plan to act

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Hong Kong's protests have attracted millions of participants for months after an extradition bill threatened to forcibly send residents to China. 

As a part of our HongKongReports.com campaign, we sent Avi Yemini to interview protesters in August of this year. Now that things are looking more violent, we think it's time to start accepting Chinese democracy activists from Hong Kong.

If you agree that Canada should be accepting these men and women, please add your name to RealRefugees.com.

NEXT: Yesterday, Keean Bexte gave our SupportDonCherry.com petition to Ron MacLean. You've got to see what happens when his wife Cari steps in!

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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Rebel News has set up a crowdfunding campaign for Chris Carbert of the Coutts Four.

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