Justin Trudeau, the prince of lies, takes the stand at the trucker commission.

Feature-length interview with Rebel News Editor In Chief, Sheila Gunn Reid.

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Well, I know the prince of lies is sometimes a nickname for the devil himself, but I think if you take those words by their literal meaning, I think Justin Trudeau is the prince of lies. 

You have other liars serving him over the last few days, like Marco Mendocino, David Lametti, and Chrystia Freeland — but the master of lies is Trudeau himself. 

That's not an insult, that's a description.

I think he's a sociopath, and I think that was on display today as Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, took the stand. 

Trudeau seemingly holds onto false facts to keep his mindset together. He finds internal excuses for atrocious behaviour. 

GUEST: Sheila Gunn Reid, Rebel News Editor In Chief, who has been live-tweeting Trudeau's testimony joins me today for an in-depth look at the highlights from Trudeau's testimony. 

Finally: Your letters to me.

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