The fireworks are over at the trucker commission but the hard work is actually just beginning

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In this episode we'll talk to the key people who were on the ground throughout the last month at the trucker commission and show why the trucker convoy was one of the most important things that has happened to Canada.

How it ended is actually the best part of the story. It didn't end because of any one political party, media company or any judge or doctor ... It ended because ordinary, working class people decided that if the fancy people weren't going to stop this madness, they would.

And our truckers are the salt of the earth and the backbone of the country. They are the people who never stopped working during the lockdown, in fact, their work became more essential as the Zoom-class, the staycation-class just stayed at home and ordered food delivered to them. The truckers became more important than ever.

And of course they became the target for Justin Trudeau. I can't think of anyone who has a more solitary day than a trucker there in a cab by themselves. They often sleep in the back of their car.

Imagine demanding the truckers get jabbed. Well, that was the last straw and they stood up and spoke up. And the thing is that did not suit the fancy people one bit. All that honking, all that diesel fuel, don't these people know that Canada is about electric vehicles and honking is, well, it's a form of micro-aggression.

I'm not kidding. These were the complaints made at the trucker commission of Inquiry by Ottawa bureaucrats who were outraged that the peasants from the colonies dared come to the fancy capital.

I thought the Commission of Inquiry was very useful even though it wasn't perfect in the eyes of the truckers of those who care about freedom.

I think it was the best thing that we've had in Canada in terms of holding government to account in some way. It was the first time I've seen police chiefs answer bluntly to reply to the disinformation campaign, that Trudeau and his colonized media have propagated.

GUESTS: Sheila Gunn Reid, Selene Galas, Alexa Lavoie, and trucker lawyer Eva Chipiuk join Ezra Levant

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