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It's Labour Day and it's also the middle of the Canadian federal election.

It's an election that Justin Trudeau called opportunistically, because it hasn't even been two years since the last election.

I think Trudeau thought he could sneak through, after all, so many Canadian governments who were incumbents were re-elected.

The provincial parties that went to the polls during the pandemic were re-elected. That started to stumble when there was an election lost in Atlantic Canada where the Progressive Conservatives beat the Liberals, and I think things have been going very poorly for Justin Trudeau.

When you see hecklers — some of whom are quite rude, by the way — it gives you licence to think that maybe it's not all happy times for Trudeau.

Every poll I've seen for the past week has put the Liberals behind, from as little as one point to seven or eight points.

A couple of weeks is still an eternity in politics, but it looks like Trudeau is extremely unlikely to get the majority he wants.

We've been doing great reporting across the country, with 17 different reporters in the field.

On tonight's show, we'll go through a collection of excerpts from the best of Rebel News' reporting on the election so far.

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