Ezra Levant tells Glenn Beck the perils of Trudeau's new Online Harms Act

'There's nothing that gets you life in prison in Canada, not even murder. But hate speech now does.'

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Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant recently spoke with U.S. political commentator Glenn Beck about the Trudeau Liberals' new 'online harms' bill.

Speaking on The Glenn Beck Program, Ezra explained how the proposed legislation — Bill C-63 — uses vague, subjective definitions of "hateful content" to potentially impose harsh sentences on those found in violation of the new laws.

The Trudeau Liberals have claimed the bill is solely focused on protecting children from harmful content on the internet. Critics of the bill say it's the most authoritarian piece of censorship legislation in years, marking a significant step back for freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Canada.

Commenting on the new bill, Ezra said, "He's created a pre-crime for hate. If you have 'fear of hate'...you can get a judge to issue a kind of restraining order against your enemy before he does anything, before he says anything."

"And that restraining order can include house arrest, giving up any lawful firearms, limiting who he can talk to directly or indirectly, limiting the places he can go, and requiring him to take urine and blood tests."

Ezra explained that this is all if someone is simply "afraid he might in the future say some hate speech."

"He doesn't have to have done anything in the past. This is a pre crime like in that science fiction movie Minority Report. That's in this bill," he added.

Rebel News is fighting back against Trudeau's latest attack on free speech and freedom of expression. To see all of our coverage and to support our independent journalism, visit StopTheCensorship.ca.

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