Irish locals set up protest at Dublin warehouse set to house migrants

Ezra Levant reports from the Dublin suburb of Coolock, where local residents have set up an ongoing protest outside of a warehouse the government plans to repurpose as housing for 500-1,000 asylum seekers.

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In the Dublin suburb of Coolock, local Irish residents have set up an ongoing demonstration against a plan to house 500 to 1,000 asylum seekers in an old warehouse.

The government is seeking to put modular homes in the old warehouse, a large area that was formerly a paint storage depot. The people in the local community, however, are against the idea.

They say they can't bear the idea of this many military-aged single men with nothing to do being housed in the area, given that right across the street is a plaza featuring a bowling alley, restaurants and other commercial activities.

Putting this many migrants right across the street from this area could cause issues of safety and access to services, the locals fear. 

The biggest issues to the rotating group of protesters who occupy the encampment told Rebel News boss Ezra Levant their biggest complaint was that nobody asked the local residents — the scheme was simply foisted upon the community.

The movement, Levant says, reminds him of the freedom protesters in Canada; severely normal, grassroots people who feel shut out of decisions by political elites.

Importing migrants to the West, the Rebel boss says, is an idea forced upon populations by a supernational elite, who get together at organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum to devise their agendas instead of working with local working-class citizens.

That's why Ireland's massive march against open borders is so important; it shows the world that ordinary Irish people have deep concerns about what's being done to their country.

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