Ezra Levant: You won’t believe what happened at Tommy Robinson’s court hearing today

I just got out of Tommy Robinson’s court hearing in Luton today, and I’m on my way back to Canada. But I had to send you a quick note to tell you about the most infuriating thing happened.

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Just to recap — Tommy is being prosecuted by the government, again. They’re seeking to ban him from all football games in the UK. It’s lawfare, designed to wear Tommy down. It’s outrageous that police and prosecutors are spending their time on this, instead of solving the UK’s crime wave.

But back to today’s hearing. So there I was in the court, along with four other journalists. It was just a brief hearing to set up the ground rules for the trial ahead.

One of the formalities was for Tommy’s full name, date of birth and home address to be read into the record. Except that Tommy’s home address has to remain private — he receives constant death threats, including from terrorists. So there was an application to tell the judge Tommy’s address privately — not to have it published to the world.

Tommy’s lawyers asked for this. And the prosecutor agreed. And so did the police.

Everyone knows that Tommy is in great danger, and his family too. And of course, Tommy’s home address has nothing at all to do with the case in question.

So the judge agreed to keep his home private.

But not before another journalist literally stood up in court and objected.

She stood up in court, and demanded to have the right to publish Tommy’s address to the world.

I’m serious. She was actually pushing back on the judge.

She wasn’t there to report on the case. She was there to alter the case.

She wasn’t there as a neutral teller of facts. She was there as an adversary, an enemy.

It was astonishing.

That’s the state of the UK media.

In the end, the judge ignored her. But I’ll never forget that moment.

That’s why I flew to the UK today. And that’s why I’ll be back on January 17 for the preliminary hearing, and again on March 24, for the main trial. It’s insane that there are so many court dates. But that’s part of it — it’s a nuisance suit to wear Tommy down.

Today’s outrageous conduct by the media reminded me of why it’s so critically important for me to be there.

Because you just can’t trust the British media to tell the truth about Tommy.

PS: If you can help cover the cost of my flight from Canada, I’d be grateful — please visit TommyTrial.com. Thank you!

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