Farmers' rights bill passes

'Our family farms do not feel safe,' argued Alberta Conservative MP John Barlow. The bill passed the Commons on Wednesday with 278 votes in favour.

Farmers' rights bill passes
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The bill, spearheaded by Alberta Conservative MP John Barlow, offers jail time and fines of $25,000 for individual animal rights protesters who trespass and occupy farms. Organizations would be subject to fines of up to $100,000.

"Our family farms do not feel safe," Barlow argued. The bill passed the Commons on Wednesday with 278 votes in favour.

Bill C-275 An Act To Amend The Health Of Animals Act would ban unauthorized entry to "any building or other enclosed place in which animals are kept."

This is the second time legislation to protect farms has been proposed. C-205 was approved by the Agriculture Committee in 2021 but died before being passed when Parliament broke.

In 2019, a turkey farm run by the Jumbo Valley Hutterite Colony was invaded by dozens of animal rights activists, including a videographer for Global News.

In May 2019, activists stormed a pig barn near Abbotsford, BC.

In 2020, an Ontario animal extremist, Regan Russell, was struck and killed when she accosted a moving hog farm truck.

Activists claimed she had been "murdered" trying to provide water to hogs headed to slaughter.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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