Tim Hortons COVID cop sends lawyer's letter: Take that off the Internet!

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I have an incredible update to the story of Walter Matheson. He's the Hampton, New Brunswick resident who was ticketed almost $300 by police for failure to comply with emergency measures in a Tim Hortons parking lot while he ate his muffin and finished his coffee, completely alone in his car.  

The thing is: Walter did try to comply, but the police officer stopped him, then ticketed him — even swearing at Walter at one point. It was almost too crazy to be true, however, we know it happened the way Walter describes, because Walter brilliantly recorded the interaction he had with the officer that day and gave it to us.  

You can see the full story and help Walter fight back at FightTheFines.com.

Now, I am part of the story because the police officer who ticketed Walter is coming after me. He had a lawyer send a legal threat letter to Rebel HQ accusing me of defaming him!  

But I’m not so sure the lawyer even watched my 10 minute video I made talking about Walter’s case, even though hundreds of thousands of other people have.  

She wrote: “We understand your reporter recorded a conversation without the knowledge of Constable Thompson... In addition Sheila Gunn Reid repeatedly mentions his name in the article”.  

I did neither of those things, but even if I had, neither one is illegal.  

And, unbelievably, the lawyer wants my copy of Walter’s recording turned over to the RCMP in Hampton.  

No way. Today I will take you through the full letter I received from the law offices of Lutz, Longstaff and Parish in Hampton New Brunswick and let you hear what happened when Ezra called that law office to try to get to the bottom of all of this.  

Cst. Thompson and his lawyer demanding I remove critical information from my story and turn over my journalistic materials to the police proves my original thesis: This cop is a bully. 

He tried to bully Walter Matheson in a Tim Hortons parking lot and now he’s trying to bully me, But it didn't work on Walter, and it won't work on me. 

Bring it on. I’m ready to fight.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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