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Former Doug Ford Conservatives lobby to keep Walmart OPEN — while Adamson BBQ gets CLOSED

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In this clip from last week's marathon livestream covering Adamson Barbecue, Ezra Levant and David Menzies were in studio with Sheila Gunn Reid on the line to talk about the destruction of small businesses under the second wave of lockdowns.

Commenting on Adam Skelly's chant of “Small business! Small business!” after being handcuffed and led away by police for attempting to enter his own restaurant in Etobicoke, Ontario, Ezra recalled that Walmart's CEO, “at a very high expense, hired two of [Ontario premier Doug] Ford's [former] staff” Melissa Lantsman and David Tarrant to get a private meeting with the premier.

“By arranging that meeting,” said Ezra, they took “bread off the table of every small family business and gave it to one of the largest corporations in America...”

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