Former Israeli UN rep says Israel needs to 'finish the job' and eliminate Hamas

Avi Yemini hears from Israel's former Permanent Representative to the UN, Danny Danon, who says that following Hamas' attack on Oct. 7, it's time to 'finish the job' and eliminate the terror organization.

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While in Israel, Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini spoke to the Jewish state's former Permanent Representative to the UN (a position comparable to an ambassador), Danny Danon. Now sitting in the Knesset, the country's parliament, he represents Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.

Echoing the words of Netanyahu, Danon tells Avi that the atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 have lead to a tipping point.

“We have seen the atrocities, we have seen the brutality of our enemy,” he says. “So the people of Israel expect that the prime minister will lead the nation (to) victory (and) defeat Hamas. We are not going to half of a job now.”

Israelis are united in the fight against Hamas, Danon says, who says that the people “are telling us finish the job. We are willing to pay the price, be in the shelters, do all the things we are doing. But finish the job, we don't want to be here in another three years or five years, another cycle. It's enough.”

Those sentiments were echoed by a member of the Israel Defense Forces who also spoke to Rebel News.

“We cannot risk our children, who else will go in?” the soldier tells Avi. “My children will go into Gaza? My grandchildren will go into Gaza? It's over, we have reached this point,” he says.

But as the soldiers begin to grow impatient with the delayed ground invasion of Gaza, Danon says it isn't a matter of when, but rather what.

“It's a matter of time. It doesn't matter when we do it, the question is what we do. And we have to complete the mission, not to stop in the middle. We should ignore the international pressure, we should do what's good for Israel now.”

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